September 11th, a Memory of Why We Need Each Other

I miss New York. It's not just a city but a whole living organism of people who have complex lives that get up day after day to face their challenges. Every single person matters and makes an impact; the couple you see at lunch, the kids running on the street, the woman sitting next to you on the subway. They work and dream just like us and although I may never see them again in a city of almost 9 million people, they're important. We need each other. We are humans helping one another fight for good and trying to leave the world better than how we inherited it. September 11th reminds me of that strength of community coming together during the most terrifying of times. I hope I can always remember to pull together and be brave. To help those who can't help themselves and learn to love my neighbors. It's the best I can do to echo those who have died doing exactly this.

Living in New York and hearing how closely people were effected gave me a whole new perspective that I didn't get watching it on tv 16 years ago. I was told stories of how strangers bonded and how offices all over the city made space for those that worked in the Twin Towers and damaged trade buildings. They literally crammed more desks into rooms and cleared off tables just so they could have a place to work again. I have so much respect for that.

I took these photos last year on September 11th but for some reason never shared them. It felt like they weren't anything special since I had seen the memorial so often. Now I look at them and miss the intense peace I felt there. I miss the sense of connectedness of this large community banding together to remember those who have fallen. My heart still aches for all the suffering that happened and continues to effect others. I may not be there, but I still remember the engraved names and the countless heroes. May they continue to rest in peace.

#ThrowBackThursday, Company Clown

Sometimes I stumble across past photo projects I've made and realize, for various reasons they never really saw the light of day. Although some of the photos I find are glaringly amateurish, I love them as if they were my own kids. They make me laugh, and most importantly they're playful and creative. 

Today's throwback goes to Company Clown; based on a fictitious company that does background checks to eliminate unprofessional job candidates. Amazingly, all the friends I asked were able to make it to this shoot, I was able to rent a clown costume from the school's theater department the day of, the papers everyone are holding is my math homework, and the location is a little too reminiscent of a church classroom. All in all, photo magic happens, even if it looks a little under baked. 

Company Clown- BrookeMorrill

Secrets of love and hate

A little fact about me is that I secretly love books and podcasts on becoming a better person. I am a firm believer in self-improvement and this summer I stumbled upon a TED talk called How to Find Work You Love by Scott Dinsmore. It kind of rocked my world and I made all my friends and family watch it. Seriously, I hounded them to watch it even when they didn’t feel like it at the time. I later found out Dinsmore created the organization named Live Your Legend, which I fell in love with.  It’s based upon the principles of surrounding yourself with people who make things possible that otherwise seem impossible to you, and creating work that you're passionate about and has meaning. I signed up for their newsletter and just this last week they threw down the challenge to blog for seven days. SEVEN DAYS!  [Side note: I told myself I would start blogging again but nothing too demanding in case this post incriminates me for lack of future posts.] 

An introspective post calls for an introspective self portrait. Project emulating Nan Goldin, 2014.

An introspective post calls for an introspective self portrait. Project emulating Nan Goldin, 2014.

 “What really makes you angry about the world?” the blog challenge first prompted.  I pondered and thought “I’m not ‘Angry’ with anything.”  A few seconds later, “Oh wait, yes I am.”  I have a hard time understanding entitled people and those who treat the persons under them as less-than.  Are we not all human? Did we not all have to climb to where we are today and start at the bottom?  Let’s treat everyone with respect, ok?! Whether it be your Uber driver, the cashier ringing up your groceries, your coworkers or kids, be nice to them.  Last time I checked we’re not robots and we all have emotions.

How I see the double life of a mean, entitled person.

How I see the double life of a mean, entitled person.

In the art world my favorite people to work with have been exemplars of great skill and have treated me with respect. They had a way of telling me what I needed to work on and change without making me feel bad or belittled. This is my request, BE NICE.  Don't be entitled to think you're better than others. Don't lead that double life of only being nice to friends but horrible to the little people around you. Find the good and try to respect a little more.  Until my next blog post, peace!

If you're feeling it, tell me what you secretly love and what makes you angry.

Weekend tourist

Every weekend there's a new corner of New York to explore, this Saturday I made it out to the old beach land of Coney Island.  I was surprised at how much bigger it was than I originally thought it to be and how it felt like walking onto a scene from the early 1900's.  Even though there are modern reminders everywhere, the place still airs an old dreamlike magic of fun with signs from the past, sweet smelling confections, and brightly colored amusement parks lining the boardwalk.  This photo was my favorite from the day and seemed to capture all the previous stated sentiments; people having come to leave their cares behind and step into a new wonderland.

Coney Island Dreams

Coney Island Dreams

A New Year, a New City

What do you do after graduating college?  You move to New York, of course!  Well, I did and it's been a welcome change.  I'm a photo intern at Uncommon Goods and have been learning a lot.  In the meantime I've been taking photos of the city nonstop....with my phone.  I usually don't post phone pictures on my website, but after much thought I realized they can have a place to live on my blog.  So here you go, a plethora of pictures of how I see this new world.

Messy Mondays

As a lover of different projects, I'm going to start creating new messy work!  I'll be posting on Mondays to get it kicked off.  If you have any ideas of what to get messy next I would love to hear it!  Favorite foods? ...let's dump it all over someone!  Of course I'll be getting messy myself, it's only fair :)

Pictured is the lovely Sami Prestwich, covered in chocolate syrup.  We had a lot of fun with this and it was the BEST smelling studio after the shoot!  Sami is also a photographer, graphic, designer, and model.  Check out her work here

Jon & Cara Scott

Just thought I would post a sneak peek of these two love birds who were married today.  Eight years ago, Cara was one of my first roommates at BYUH, now I get to see her grow up and get married! I'm overjoyed that I got to photograph this special day for them.


Lauren Turns 18!

I can't believe the day has come for my little sister to turn 18!  My, how fast she has grown up!   Yes, she is 18 and not my twin.  We eventually got used to the fact and enjoyed that anytime we post a picture together someone always asks if we're twins.  "Our response is yes, 8 years apart!"  We laugh and love that we basically are twins.  So here is to you Lauren, 18 today, graduated high school, and now you're about to nanny in New York for the next four months.  Four long months!  I didn't think I would miss you this much but I will!  I guess our youngest sister Haley will have to be your fill-in twin until you get back...I know, she doesn't look anything like us but she's cute.

Love you Lauren!


XoXo Brooke

June 3rd, Lauren Benally Day Y'all!

Here is one of my dear friends, Lauren Benally.  She is so fun, kind, talented, and can light up a room!  I just want to give a pre-birthday shout out to her because she is so awesome.  There are many times she comes home dead-tired from work and instead of resting she goes and helps people that are having bad days.  I don't know about you, but if I've had a long day I take a nap!  But that's just what makes her so wonderful, she's so considerate and always there for you!  Lauren will come when you're down and even brings delicious cookies if you're lucky.   So, let it be known, Tuesday June 3rd, is Lauren Benally day!  (It's also my Dad's birthday, but I'll save that for later.)   

So Lauren, here is to you. Thanks for blessing our lives with your beautiful face!

XoXo Brooke


Whitney & Matt's Bridals

Let me introduce you to Whitney and Matt.  They look like models, they're beautiful together, and every time I take their pictures we all end up laughing from Matt's jokes! They're seriously so fun to be with!  Here are some pictures from their bridals, which is also where Whitney revealed her wedding dress to Matt for the first time.  They just got married a week ago, so stay posted and wedding pictures will be coming soon!

Celia & Benson Living the New York Life

Last week I went to New York for the first time ever!  It was such a fun trip and luckily I was able to meet up with my friends, Celia and Benson Bratt!  We caught up at Grand Central station and had a fun time using "The Whisper Wall" which is where this photo was taken.  Right when we were leaving I took this picture of them.  I love how together they are yet the whole world is passing them by.