Lauren Turns 18!

I can't believe the day has come for my little sister to turn 18!  My, how fast she has grown up!   Yes, she is 18 and not my twin.  We eventually got used to the fact and enjoyed that anytime we post a picture together someone always asks if we're twins.  "Our response is yes, 8 years apart!"  We laugh and love that we basically are twins.  So here is to you Lauren, 18 today, graduated high school, and now you're about to nanny in New York for the next four months.  Four long months!  I didn't think I would miss you this much but I will!  I guess our youngest sister Haley will have to be your fill-in twin until you get back...I know, she doesn't look anything like us but she's cute.

Love you Lauren!


XoXo Brooke