June 3rd, Lauren Benally Day Y'all!

Here is one of my dear friends, Lauren Benally.  She is so fun, kind, talented, and can light up a room!  I just want to give a pre-birthday shout out to her because she is so awesome.  There are many times she comes home dead-tired from work and instead of resting she goes and helps people that are having bad days.  I don't know about you, but if I've had a long day I take a nap!  But that's just what makes her so wonderful, she's so considerate and always there for you!  Lauren will come when you're down and even brings delicious cookies if you're lucky.   So, let it be known, Tuesday June 3rd, is Lauren Benally day!  (It's also my Dad's birthday, but I'll save that for later.)   

So Lauren, here is to you. Thanks for blessing our lives with your beautiful face!

XoXo Brooke