#ThrowBackThursday, Company Clown

Sometimes I stumble across past photo projects I've made and realize, for various reasons they never really saw the light of day. Although some of the photos I find are glaringly amateurish, I love them as if they were my own kids. They make me laugh, and most importantly they're playful and creative. 

Today's throwback goes to Company Clown; based on a fictitious company that does background checks to eliminate unprofessional job candidates. Amazingly, all the friends I asked were able to make it to this shoot, I was able to rent a clown costume from the school's theater department the day of, the papers everyone are holding is my math homework, and the location is a little too reminiscent of a church classroom. All in all, photo magic happens, even if it looks a little under baked. 

Company Clown- BrookeMorrill